How do I travel to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

You can travel to T.R.N.C. by ferries or aircraft. You can take the ferries to Kyrenia from Taşucu or Alanya, reaching the island in approximayely two and a half hours. Some of the sea route options, including the other service available from Mersin to Famagusta are car ferries. The latter takes an average of six to eight hours to get to Cyprus. Although the operators may cancel some of the scheduled services due to bad weather conditions, especially during the Winter months, they do provide the service throughout the year.

Ercan International Airport is outside the Capital Nicosia in the North, while there are Larnaca and Paphos Airports located in Southern Cyprus. Foreign nationals can arrive at Ercan Int. Airport by transiting most of the main airports in Turkey. Ercan airport is approximately 35 minutes away from Kyrenia and 45 minutes from Famagusta. Passengers with foreign National passports can travel to Larnaca or Paphos airports and are able to cross over to Northern Cyprus through the border-check points between North and South Cyprus.

Ercan International Airport- Nicosia
Phone: +90 392 600 50 00

Larnaca Airport

Hermes International Airport-Larnaca
Phone: +357 777 78 833



Since the opening of Girne Tourism Port on November 16, 1987, it has been left to the use of yachts. Besides the yachts, other pleasure boats and fishermen of the region find shelter from the harbor. With its current situation, approximately 100 boats can be accommodated. Although the needs of all boats cannot be met in the port, there are electricity, water, bathroom, toilet and laundry facilities. The port occupies an important place in its location as it is intertwined with a historical feature. The operating right of Girne Marina, which belongs to the Foundations Organization and the Religious Affairs Department, was given to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 30.07.2008 and numbered S (K-II) 1635-2008.


  • Port Location: Northern Coast of Cyprus
  • Latitude 35º20′ N Longitude 33º19′ E
  • Anchorage: Latitude 35º20’33’ N Longitude 33º19’24’ E
  • Half a mile northwest of the Breakwater Lighthouse, approximately 13-17 m deep. The anchorage is under the influence of west, north and east winds.
  • Entrance Channel: The channel is 5.5 meters deep and after the breakwater light
  • It drops down to 3 meters.
  • Port Depth: 3.2 meters
  • Dock Length: 3.0 meters
  • Permissible
  • Max Draft Water: 2.6 meters (8.5 feet)
  • Allowed Max Ship Length: 35 meters.



Starting Date of Operation : 14.06.1997

Coordinates : 35⁰20.5΄ N 33⁰19΄ E

ACTIVITY: Boat mooring/accommodation and maintenance and repair services. Mooring capacity at sea: 100-110 Accommodation capacity on land: 110-120 Number of Piers: 3 Pier Length: 2*55 + 1*60

Max. Depth: 5-6 meters. Boat lifting and carrying capacity: 70 TON + 30 TON OUR

ACTIVITIES: Ø Boat/Yacht towing/Launching with Travelift Ø Boat accommodation on land and sea Ø Fuel station Ø Restaurant / Cafe services Ø Underboat washing with pressurized water Ø Paint workshop (sandpaper, putty) , primer and antifouling paint and side paint works, cake polish, osmosis treatment) Ø Boat material sales shop Ø Mechanical works Workshop (engine disassembly, assembly, propeller, shaft service and maintenance works) Ø Carpenter’s Workshop All kinds of boat work and exterior woodwork Ø 24 hours uninterrupted electricity, water supply Ø Telephone, internet, fax Ø Customs, port, immigration agency services Ø Laundry, shower, toilet Ø Waste oil collection, bilge and domestic waste collection Ø Hotel and rental car supply


It is in the New Erenkoy region of the Karpaz Peninsula. The total area of the marina is 137,000 m2, of which 65,400 m2 is sea area and the rest is land area and buildings. The maintenance and repair area of the marina is established on an area of 18,000m2. It is designed to provide a total of 300 mooring points with a minimum water depth of 4 meters.

There are 16 mooring points for superyachts up to 55 meters in length. The services that can be provided to the boats at the marina, which is equipped with security cameras with the latest technology, are as follows.

  • Special storage areas for yachtsmen
  • Golf cars
  • Drinkable fresh water
  • Single and 3 phase electricity
  • Waste water tank discharge station
  • Wireless internet connection
  • All maintenance and repair services.

In addition, the 300-ton capacity overhead crane, which serves the maintenance-repair area of the Marina, is the crane with the largest capacity in the region.

Port Location: Latitude 35º 33.5′ N Longitude 34º 13.6′ E

Reference: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ports Department Directorate

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