Property for Rent Kayalar

The village of Kayalar consists of just a few hundred permanent inhabitants and occupies a premium location along the north coast of Cyprus. It’s an idyllic place to live or to spend a holiday which explains why so many Europeans come here to relax and to escape the cold weather further north during the winter months. Despite the tiny size of the village, there are a surprising number of high-quality properties for rent. If you want to ensure you find the perfect one for you make sure to enlist the help of the team at Premium Realty.

Property to Rent in Karmi

Although the village of Kayalar itself is tiny there are a plethora of rental properties in the area ranging from single-bedroom bungalows to expansive 5-bedroom contemporary villas offering all the latest lifestyle amenities. Whether you seek a short-term holiday rental or something more long-term we will help you arrange it with the landlord and make sure the entire process is a hassle-free one for you.

What is The Rental Process in Kayalar?

Most foreign nationals are surprised at how simple and straightforward the rental process is in Cyprus. In most cases it will unfold in the following manner:

You contact Premium Realty and tell us your preferences and how much you want to spend.
Our experts scour the landscape and provide you with several choices that meet your criteria.
Once you select a property to rent in Kayalar you place a deposit on it.
You sign 3 copies of the rental contract keeping 1 for yourself.
You pay the stamp tax at the tax office.

We can assist you with every aspect of the rental process.

To Find the Right Property for Rent in Kayalar Contact Premium Realty

Premium Realty have helped countless folks find just the right property for rent in Kayalar and beyond. We have encyclopedia knowledge of the local market, are always among the first to know when a hot new property becomes available and understand the bureaucracy here like the back of our hands. Call +90 (392) 815 44 77 or +90 (392) 444 55 88 today.