Property for Sale Karsiyaka

Karsiyaka is a beautiful village just a few kilometers west of Kyrenia on the Cyprus coast nestled into the foothills of the Lapta Mountains. In many ways, it is the ideal holiday or retirement location which explains why so many people from mainland Europe and beyond have decided to investigate property for sale in Karsiyaka. What they find is a surprisingly diverse property market featuring everything from historic bungalows to incredible 5-bedroom villas in the modern style.

The Undeniable Attraction of Karsiyaka

The idyllic village of Karsiyaka occupies a favourable position at the foothills of the Lapta Mountains. With a year-round population of just over 2,000 it is large enough to offer a full slate of lifestyle amenities, but small enough that you can hear the crickets chirping at night. The local people are open and friendly and you will always feel welcome in the markets and cafes that dot the town.

Buying Property for Sale in Karsiyaka

The process of buying property in Karsiyaka is far less complicated than most people believe. Here are the steps involved:

Contact Premium Realty and let us know the type of property you have in mind and your budget.
View selected properties that meet your criteria.
Place a reservation deposit on the property you want (typically at least £1,000).
Let the team at Premium Realty conduct a title search for you.
Apply for a “Permission to Purchase” certificate from the Cyprus government (we’ll help).
Draw up a purchase contract and pay either the first installment or the full purchase amount.
Transfer title of the property (we can help you with this too).
Move in.

Contact Premium Realty Cyprus

The best part about purchasing property in Cyprus is that the experts at Premium Realty can relieve you of having to fill out applications and deal with the authorities. In short order, you will be signing the purchase agreement and making plans to move into your beautiful new home in Karsiyaka. To learn more or to arrange an appointment call Premium Realty on +90 (392) 815 44 77 or +90 (392) 444 55 88.