Property for Sale Karmi

What we now know as Karmi has been occupied by humans since the Bronze Age (3300 BC to 1200 BC). These days Karmi retains a great deal of its historic air and has some fairly stringent laws in place to protect the traditional look and feel of the town. Property for sale in Karmi ranges from cosy studios to sprawling villas nestled into the hillsides overlooking the north shore of the island.

Property for Sale in Karmi

Because of its quaint, laid-back nature, Karmi attracts a lot of interest from retirees and those simply looking for a safe, quiet, affordable and friendly place to buy a holiday home. Investors are also drawn to Karmi due to the high demand for holiday rentals and the overall quality and stability of the real estate market. If you are interested in property for sale in Karmi the team from Premium Realty Cyprus are here to help.

The Property Purchase Process in Karmi

The process of purchasing property for sale in Karmi is delightfully simple and straightforward and typically unfolds in the following manner:

You contact Premium Realty Cyprus and let us know what type of property you have in mind.
We provide you with a variety of properties that dovetail with your stated tastes, budget and aesthetic goals.
You sign a reservation agreement and provide a downpayment on the property.
If you are not a citizen of Cyrus you apply for permission to purchase from the council of Ministers. Premium Realty can, of course, help you with this.
After receiving permission to purchase you pay the outstanding balance on the property.
Once payment has been received by the seller the sale is registered with the Land Registry Office and ownership of the property is transferred to you.
Finally, you apply at the Land Registry Office to transfer the title deed.

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