Property for Rent Karmi

Over the years exhaustive efforts have been made to ensure the historical integrity of Karmi (also known as Karaman) just to the west of Kyrenia. These include rejuvenating the existing houses and making sure that new construction does not overwhelm the small-town, Mediterranean charm of the place. As a result, if you are looking for property to rent in Karni you have an incredible variety of high-quality properties to choose from ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.

About Karmi

Besides being a shining example of Cypriot charm and elegance Karmi has also played an important role in the history of the island. Recent archaeological digs in the area have unearthed important Bronze Age tombs along with jewellry and pottery from the Minoan period. Other digs have shed a light on the important role Karmi played in the commercial life of the island dating back thousands of years.

Property to Rent in Karmi

Whether you are looking for a single-bedroom traditional home or a 5-bedroom, state-of-the-art villa with all the modern conveniences the experienced team at Premium Realty can find it for you. Short-term holiday rentals, monthly rentals and long-term rentals are all available and can be arranged with minimum fuss by our expert estate agents.

Rental Process in Karmi

The property rental process in Karmi is typically straightforward and hassle-free:

• Work with Premium Realty to locate the property you wish to rent.
• Have the Premium Realty team arrange a viewing.
• When you find a property you like place a deposit to reserve the property.
• Sign three copies of the rental contract with one copy each going to you, the landlord and the agent.
• Pay the requisite stamp duty at the local tax office.

The team at Premium Realty Cyprus can guide you through the entire process and handle many of the more mundane aspects for you. We will ensure everything passes legal muster so that your stay in Karmi is stress-free and enjoyable.

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