Villas for Sale Karakum

The north coast of Cyprus features a temperate climate with gentle sea breezes and abundant sunshine. People have been enjoying life here for thousands of years and in some ways daily life has changed very little in that time. If you are looking for the ideal investment or retirement property it’s in your interest to look into villas for sale in Karakum.

A Villa for Every Type of Buyer

When some people think of Mediterranean villas they think of towering structures built of limestone with Romanesque features in a breathtaking location. If that’s your taste you can find it in Karakum. Other people’s tastes run more toward the contemporary. They want something airy, expansive and minimalist in design with lots of floor-to-ceiling windows and all the latest lifestyle amenities. If that’s what you want you’ll find it here as well.

Purchasing Villas for Sale in Karakum

No matter what type of villa you are looking for and whether you want it for holiday, retirement or investment purposes you will find it in Karakum. Best of all, the process of buying a villa in North Cyprus is much easier than most non-Cypriots tend to think it is. The most troublesome aspect of the process – which isn’t actually troublesome at all – is that you will need to provide a few documents in order to facilitate the purchase. Those documents include:

Your passport, driving license or other form of officially recognised photo ID.
The tax identification number from your country of origin.
A residency document (not to worry, we’ll help you obtain this).
Documents that prove your financial viability (bank statements etc…).
Non-EU citizens will also need to provide a Property Ownership Certificate.

Contact Premium Realty Cyprus

Whatever your reason for wanting to investigate villas for sale in Karakum the team at Premium Realty Cyprus can help. We have extensive knowledge, experience and insight into the local market that we put to work for our clients to ensure a happy outcome to their property search. To arrange an appointment give us a call today on +90 (392) 815 44 77 or +90 (392) 444 55 88.