Villas for Rent Karakum

Karakum is located just to the east of Kyrenia which puts you close enough to take advantage of Kyrenia’s shopping and lifestyle amenities but far enough away to enjoy tranquil nights. For many people who rent villas here, it’s an ideal location with stunning views, a temperate climate, friendly locals, great food and affordable property. If you are searching for the perfect Mediterranean villa in which to spend your holiday or the cold weather months, talk to Premium Realty about villas for rent in Karakum.

Villas of Every Type and Size

Karakum represents everything that is desirable about Mediterranean culture: history, tradition, climate, food, pristine waters and abundant sunshine. It’s no mystery then why so many people from the continent, the UK and even the US and beyond come to us looking for villas to rent in Karakum.

The process of renting a villa in Cyprus is remarkably simple and straightforward and with the team at Premium Realty on your side, you can secure the villa you want at the price you want in short order. The rental process normally unfolds in the following way:

You contact Premium Realty and let us know what type of villa you have in mind.
We arrange for you to view several villas that meet your criteria.
Once you find the villa you want you make a deposit to secure the property.
You provide the balance in full and sign 3 copies of the rental agreement, keeping 1 for yourself.
You pay the stamp duty on the rental agreement at the tax office.

Regardless of your budget, we can place you in a beautiful, spacious villa in short order that will produce priceless memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Premium Realty Cyprus

People typically come to us looking for villas to rent in Karakum because they’ve heard how easy we are to work with and how thorough and professional we are in all our dealings. If you want to secure a dream villa in Karakum with minimal muss and fuss, get in touch with the experts at Premium Realty Cyprus today on +90 (392) 815 44 77 or +90 (392) 444 55 88.