Villas for Sale Esentepe

To reach Esentepe on the north coast of Cyprus just head east out of Kyrenia along the coastal road. It’s a beautiful drive that winds through numerous tiny villages and rolling hills. Esentepe is a charming little village with more of a local flavour than some of the touristy areas around Kyrenia. That is especially true when you get away from the shore a bit and explore the old village that nestles serenely into the foothills of the Kyrenia mountains. Villas for sale in Esentepe range from modest to breathtaking and can be had for only about half what you would pay in Spain.

The residents of Esentepe treasure the laid-back nature of their town and it’s this relaxed atmosphere most visitors are smitten by the first time they visit. Walk about a bit and you’ll find outstanding local restaurants and fresh markets, shops selling local crafts, bars, health clubs and, of course, Esentepe Beach which was recently upgraded to include restaurants, rental cabins and a beach bar.

Villas for Sale in Esentepe

Get away from the centre of Esentepe village and you will find some of the most spectacular villas in all of North Cyprus. Many of these have been built in recent years and occupy prime hillside locations with large lots, inground pools and all the modern conveniences including satellite TV, broadband internet and more.

Closer to the beach you will find a mix of modern and traditional villas, some located right at the water’s edge with warm breezes wafting off the Mediterranean all night long. Gardens are meticulously manicured, with many sporting lemon trees and you are never far from a public or private beach. There are 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas all with ample parking and close to local supermarkets, chemists, pubs and places to eat.

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