Property for Rent İskele

Iskele is quickly building a reputation as a go-to destination for holidaymakers, investors and retirees from all over Europe, the Middle East and beyond. With its breathtaking golden beaches, temperate climate, safe and friendly environment and its rich history it is Europe the way most people want it to be.

About Iskele

Without a doubt, there are two Iskeles. One is an ancient village nestled up to the sea that reflects time-honoured traditions and evokes by-gone eras. And the other is a fully modern community of beautifully designed and crafted homes and apartments of every conceivable shape and size overlooking pristine beaches and connected to the outside world via broadband internet and other media.

Take a relaxing stroll around the old town with its ancient churches and monasteries then make your way to the neighbouring fishing village of Bogaz with its colourful boats bobbing in the gentle Mediterranean surf and the sounds of traditional music wafting on the breeze from nearby cafes. (Legend has it that the Goddess Aphrodite herself brought the first fruit to Cyprus via this part of the coast.)

Property for Rent in Iskele

The quality and variety of rental properties in Iskele is amazing. You will find everything from brand new, state-of-the-art studios to multi-bedroom condominiums, detached single-family homes in both the historic and modernist styles and of course, some of the island’s most beautiful villas. Regardless of your taste and your needs the rental market in Iskele has something to offer, and all for about half what it costs to rent comparable properties on the continent.

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Whether you are looking for a short-term holiday rental or a seasonal rental that will allow you to avoid the worst of winter weather on the continent you will find something in Iskele to tickle your fancy.

To ensure you are presented with the best, most appropriate options make sure you work with the experienced professionals at Premium Realty Cyprus. We’ve helped countless people find a property for rent in Iskele that suits their needs. Get in touch today by calling +90 (392) 815 44 77 or +90 (392) 444 55 88.